Top 10 Books About the Grand Canyon

  1. Over the Edge: Death in Grand Canyon by Michael Ghiglieri and Thomas M. Myers. "Dive into the dark secrets of the Grand Canyon's history, tragedy, and mystery with this book's discussion of just a few of many misadventures that have resulted in over 700 canyon deaths."
  2. This is Grand Canyon by Park Partners. "An educational book about the Grand Canyon, including beautiful color photos, the park's history, and visitor information."
  3. Chasing the Light: Grand Canyon by Adam Schallau. "A book about exploring the light that illuminates the Grand Canyon, including lightning storms, sunrises and sunsets, and other weather-driven phenomena."
  4. There Was a Coyote Who Swallowed a Flea by Jennifer Ward. "Follow along with this rhyming tale of a coyote's adventure of swallowing a flea, depicted in a classic Southwestern setting."
  5. On Foot: Grand Canyon Backpacking Stories by Rick Kempa. "This books tells stories about backpacking adventures in the Grand Canyon, and includes useful hiking tips and other valuable lessons that can be learned when exploring the area."
  6. Ancient Landscapes of the Colorado Plateau by Ron Blakey and Wayne Ranney. "This book uses breathtaking landscape imagery and paleographic maps to describe how the Grand Canyon was formed across time."
  7. Canyon Crossing: Stories About Grand Canyon From Rim to Rim by Seth Muller. "A must-read for anyone wanting to experience the famous rim-to-rim hike, and read about stories of those who have already accomplished this incredible feat."
  8. Grand Canyon Women by Betty Leavengood. "Discover tales of remarkable women who shaped Grand Canyon history! Through exploration, scientific discovery, guiding expeditions on the Colorado River, and more, each has her own unique story to tell about this magical place."
  9. Who Pooped in the Park? By Gary D. Robson and Elijah Brady Clark. "Learn how to identify some of the animals found inside the Grand Canyon by their scat, tracks, and other helpful clues! A great book for all ages."
  10. Creatures of the Desert World by National Geographic Society. "Jump into this National Geographic Action Book with pop-up animals that informs readers of all ages of interesting facts and habits of animals residing in a desert climate."