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Groups & Events

Group Adventure Like No Other

Find comfortable accommodations for your group near the Grand Canyon’s South Rim. Both Squire Resort and Yavapai Lodge offer unique hotel accommodations for your group.

Modern Squire Resort conference room with a large wooden table, black office chairs, a tv on the wall, and large windows showing a view of trees.


Our hotel offers rooms with your choice of a double bed, king bed or two queen beds. Or, select a suite with a king and sofa bed. Groups love our hotel amenities, which include meeting rooms, a bowling alley and fine dining on-site. Ask about special group rates for blocks of hotel rooms.

Bright, modern Yavapai Dining Hall interior with a clear arched ceiling, showing trees outside, with wooden tables and chairs arranged neatly.


If your group is seeking grand adventures on the edge of the South Rim, Yavapai Lodge is the perfect space. Enjoy quality dining options like Yavapai Tavern and Yavapai Dining Hall, explore the galaxy at our Night Sky Talks or simply enjoy the surroundings of the Grand Canyon. Ask about special group rates for blocks of rooms.