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The night sky filled with stars and the milky way visible above silhouetted pine trees.

Grand Canyon Stargazing Package

The Grand Canyon is a perfect spot for stargazing. When you’re standing at 7,000 feet elevation with a minimal level of light pollution, you’ll be amazed at the shocking number of stars you can see in the night sky. Given the Grand Canyon’s remote location, and the fact that most of the surrounding area is largely unpopulated, our night skies are remarkably dark and provide excellent viewing conditions. As of 2019, the Grand Canyon has been designated an official Dark Sky Park by the International Dark Skies Association.

Our Explore Better package provides you with a number of tools to allow you to locate and identify many of the awe-inspiring celestial bodies and constellations. This package includes:

  • Overnight accommodations at Yavapai Lodge
  • A pair of Celestron binoculars
  • A Petzel LED headlamp with white and red night-vision lights for each guest
  • A National Geographic Night Sky guidebook
  • A pocket star finder
  • A re-usable bag to store all of your gear

See The Stars

Reserve this package for your stargazing gear and nightly accomodations.

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