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Get an added sense of perspective on the Grand Canyon’s history, and the plants and animals that make this such a special place. There are Grand Canyon tours for visitors of all stripes and each of them are great ways to see one of the wonders of the natural world up close.

How would you like to tour the Grand Canyon? Take your pick.

Walk the Grand Canyon’s South Rim

Take in the beauty of the Grand Canyon at your own pace by walking the trail along the Canyon rim. Some portions of it are paved, while others are not. Some sections of the trail are part of a paved greenway, which is great if you want to bike as well.

Image of woman looking through a telescope at Desert View at Grand Canyon National Park

Self-Guided Desert View Acitivities

Embrace the Grand Canyon’s rich Native American culture with a trip to Desert View.

Night Sky Talks

Calling all stargazers! Interested in seeing Jupiter and Mars under a cluster of stars? Join us for our free night sky events where you can view the pitch-black sky through telescopes and ask our hosts questions about the universe.


  • Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

    Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters is the largest and most experienced Grand Canyon helicopter tour company in the world. The company has been flying guests on daily tours since 1965. With three exclusive landing sites on the floor of the Canyon, the immersive experience they offer is unrivaled.

  • Grand Canyon Bus Tours

    Take the stress out of navigating park roads! Experience a guided interpretive tour with a trained driver-guide. Hop on a bus, get comfortable, relax and enjoy stunning views of Hermits Rest and/or Desert View. Wheelchair-accessible coaches are available prior to arrangement.

  • Grand Canyon Bike Tours

    Take in the Grand Canyon at a slower pace and enjoy several scenic routes that are inaccessible by car. Cruise the awesome trails on the South Rim by bicycle.

  • Grand Canyon Mule Rides

    Take a memorable mule trip around the Grand Canyon, a time-honored sightseeing method. Offered on both the North and South Rims.

  • Grand Canyon Guided Hikes

    Take a guided day hike/walk led by park rangers on the North and South Rims. These tours are free and require no advanced sign-up.

  • Image of river in Grand Canyon

    Grand Canyon Whitewater Rafting

    Chase thrills as you white-water raft through the Canyon! These trips last from three days to three weeks and require advance reservations.

  • Grand Canyon Air Tours

    View the South Rim of the Grand Canyon from high up above! All scenic air tours are based outside of Grand Canyon National Park.

  • Grand Canyon Jeep Tours

    Explore the Grand Canyon in style! Tour in a pink Jeep with an expert tour guide. You’ll get more out of your Canyon experience in the shortest amount of time.

  • Buck Wild Hummer Tours

    Embark on an exhilarating Hummer adventure through the Grand Canyon’s awe-inspiring landscapes, suitable for families, friends, and thrill-seekers alike!


  • Walk to the South Rim From Yavapai Lodge

    You can walk up the Greenway Trail directly from Yavapai Lodge to the Visitor Center, then pick up the Rim Trail. Another way to get to the Rim Trail is to use the trail that begins behind park headquarters. It brings you to a point on the rim that’s roughly halfway between Yavapai Point and Verkamp’s Visitor Center.

  • Walk to the South Rim From Trailer Village® RV Park

    Take the Greenway path system to the Visitor Center, then pick up the Rim Trail.


  • Explore Desert View Watchtower

    Designed by architect Mary Colter as an homage to the watchtowers built by the region’s ancestral Puebloan people, the Desert View Watchtower offers a commanding view of the Canyon. It also features murals painted by Hopi artist Fred Kabotie.

  • Tour Tusayan Museum and Ruins

    Three miles west of Desert View, the Tusayan Museum provides a rare window into the lives and culture of the Pueblo Indians, who lived in the area more than 800 years ago. Browse exhibits that feature pottery, arrowheads and household items. Take a walk amid the juniper and pines through the Tusayan Ruins, to get a true sense of perspective on how the ancient Puebloans lived in harmony with nature.


  • Night Sky Talks

    Join us for our FREE night sky events where you can view the Dark Sky through telescopes and ask our hosts questions about the stars. Each event includes a talk about the James Webb Space Telescope in the Yavapai Atrium, followed by a star-viewing party at the Market Plaza parking lot.

    Upcoming Night Sky talks are scheduled for the following dates:

    • Wednesday, April 24: talk at 7:00pm, Star party at 8:00pm
    • Wednesday, May 22: talk at 7:30pm, Star party at 8:30pm
    • Wednesday, June 12: talk at 7:30pm, Star party at 8:30pm
  • Astronomer Mary Lara

    Our Guest Astronomers

    Mary Lara
    NASA Solar System Ambassador, Mary Lara is a retired elementary school teacher. She works part-time as coordinator of the American Indian Movement Educational Resources (AIMER) program for the NAU/NASA Space Grant.

    Ed Anderson
    Astronomer Ed Anderson manages the campus observatory and research computing systems at the Department of Astronomy & Planetary Science at Northern Arizona University. He is also a staff astronomer for the National Undergraduate Research Observatory (NURO).

Frequently Asked Questions


This is the southern edge of the Grand Canyon, open year round as opposed to the seasonal North Rim, with the most iconic views including the historic Grand Canyon Village.

The west rim is home to the Skywalk and the Hualapai Tribe. This area is not the Grand Canyon National Park. It offers amazing day tours convenient from Las Vegas.

Tusayan is a small town located at the South Rim entrance to the national park…home to the Squire Resort at The Grand Canyon, BW Signature Collection

Typically we are part of a larger southwestern itinerary. Phoenix and Las Vegas are the major airports leading to the canyon. The drive from either location is incredibly scenic …with Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon leading up from Phoenix and the Hoover Dam and Route 66 along the way from Vegas.

Driving distances are great in the Southwest. While the next closest cities to the canyon, Williams and Flagstaff, are only some 70 miles away, it can often take an additional hour or more to get through the park entrance. You’ll want to make the most of both sunrise and sunset by staying close.

At 7000 ft (2100 m) we do get winter. Additionally, the high desert always has at least a 30F degree (15C) difference between night and day. Always pack layers, especially a windbreaker. Sunset is amazing and with sunny days come starry nights! Be prepared!

The canyon is entirely within Arizona. However, Arizona does not practice Daylight Saving…so although we are listed as MST during the summer months we are at PST. All tribal nations within the state do practice Daylight Saving…so be sure to check the time when traveling throughout the region in the summer months.


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At the one-of-a-kind Grand Canyon National Park, the opportunities to explore are endless. Plan your adventure today.