Walk the Grand Canyon’s South Rim

Take in the beauty of the Grand Canyon at your own pace by walking the trail along the canyon rim. Some portions of it are paved, others are not. Some sections of the trail are part of a paved greenway, which is great if you want to bike as well.

One section of the trail, beginning at Yavapai Point, is designated the Trail of Time and features markers and exhibits designed to give you a sense of perspective about the canyon's formation, geology and history.

Tired out from your walk? Shuttle bus service between overlooks can also help you get around the South Rim.

Walk to the Rim From Yavapai Lodge®:

You can walk up the Greenway Trail directly from Yavapai Lodge to the Visitor Center, then pick up the Rim Trail. Another way to get to the Rim Trail is to use the trail begins behind park headquarters, and brings you to a point on the rim that's roughly halfway between Yavpai Point and Verkamp's Visitor Center.

Walk to the Rim From Trailer Village® RV Park:

Take the Greenway path system to the Visitor Center, then pick up the Rim Trail.

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