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Four-Day Grand Canyon Trip Itinerary Planner

Planning a four-day trip to the Grand Canyon? Our itinerary planner will ensure you see and do as much as possible during your vacation.
With four or more days at the Grand Canyon, you can truly explore it at your leisure. Whether you want to savor each overlook or explore the canyon by air, raft, bike or foot, you have the time you need to do it. 
Grand Rim Adventure: Explore With Us

Grand Rim Adventure: Explore With Us

During this fun-sized learning excursion, a Field Institute instructor will weave the canyon's story on a 3.75 mile (6 km) guided walk on paved trails along the largely flat forested South Rim.

Bike, Hike, Camp and Rest

Bike, Hike, Camp and Rest

Use your first day to take in the extraordinary view from the canyon rim on a bike tour, or bring your own bike to use on the Greenway Trail and other designated bike paths. Then, on your second day, prepare for the adventure of a lifetime as you hike into the canyon and set up camp for the night (permit required). Spend the night admiring the stars, and hike back the next day. On your final day, relax in Market Plaza, grab dinner at Yavapai Lodge® and make sure you pick up a few souvenirs. Be sure to read up on hiking tips and ways to "hike smart" before you begin your hike.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Neal

Other ideas

If you have four or more days to spend at the Grand Canyon, consider:

• Multi-day guided hikes
• Multi-day rafting trips
• Spending a day at the canyon rim, visiting Desert View and doing one of the above
• Taking a guided hike, going on a mule ride, rafting and seeing the canyon by helicopter or airplane