Our commitment to sustainability

Delaware North at the Grand Canyon offers extraordinary visitor services and experiences while working in close collaboration with the National Park Service and other partners to ensure that the Special Places where we operate are compelling to visitors today and tomorrow. This vision forms our overarching mission and philosophy:

To provide Stewardship and Hospitality in Special Places dedicated to creating memorable guest experiences as unique as the destination.SM

Through GreenPath®, Delaware North's stewardship platform since 2001, we are committed to the care and protection of natural, cultural and historic resources. Our standards and best management practices contain values that guide decision making and help us achieve excellence.

We define stewardship through five key indicators that help us manage and protect unique resources, tell the stories and communicate messages about our Special Places, operate responsibly in our communities, and promote healthy living. These stewardship indicators are:

Environment. As the first U.S. hospitality company to register our environmental management system (EMS) to international ISO 14001 standards, we establish annual goals and implement improvements to minimize impacts from our operations.

Asset Protection. We display, protect, and preserve historic artifacts and structures, and other treasures of national and international significance. We provide for appropriate visitor access and use of the assets that are under our care.

Interpretation and Education. We embrace and share the remarkable stories of these Special Places through interpretation and education. We create an environment for associates and visitors to learn and appreciate them.

Community Outreach. We are part of the communities in which we operate and work. Outreach efforts include the contribution of funds and services, as well as associate volunteerism.

Healthy Food, Healthy Living. Through our Culinary WellbeingTM Program we are committed to serving "good food that is good for our guests". We remind guests and associates to be active and take advantage of healthy food options we offer.


How can you help?

Litter Pick-Up and Education Projects
Want to make a positive impact on Grand Canyon National Park? Delaware North and the National Park Service are proud to host ongoing Litter Projects. Interested guests can help address microtrash at the park at a pick-up project, facilitated by an employee of the National Park Service, and also learn more through interpretive programs and tours.

Microtrash includes small bits of trash such as plastic wrappers, bottle caps, pieces of foil, cigarette butts, and much more. It poses a significant threat to wildlife at Grand Canyon and beyond.

Project Schedule – Held on Thursdays:

  • 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.: Litter pick-up at the Canyon's Rim, including an interpretive program: 'Why Trash Matters'
  • 1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. or 2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.: Complementary tour exploring the Grand Canyon Civilian Conservation Corps or Kolb Studio

Pick-up supplies will be provided, and environmental stewards of all ages and abilities are welcome to participate!

More information including sign-up details can be found on the National Park Service's website.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Waste
Please consider the impacts on the environment regarding waste management. Remember to reduce waste, reuse materials when possible, and recycle. Partnering with National Park Service at Grand Canyon National Park, Delaware North at Grand Canyon manages waste using Single Stream Recycling. All trash and recycling is delivered to a sorting facility in nearby Prescott Valley, where machines and employees sort waste to maximize the benefits of recycling. No special recycling bins are required to manage waste at Grand Canyon!

Participate in the Linen Reuse Program
Help to reduce energy and water consumption by participating in the linen reuse program. Hang up towels for reuse. For a clean towel, place it on the floor. To reuse linens, place the water conservation card on the nightstand. For a clean set of sheets, place the water conservation card on the bed.

Conserve Energy
Please remember to turn off lights, TVs, heating and air conditioning units, and equipment when you leave the room or when these items are not in use.

Conserve Water
Water is vital in so many ways. Reduce water consumption by shortening your showers, kindly turning off all faucets when they are not in use, and reporting any water leaks to the front desk staff.

Reduce, Reuse, Refill
It is very important to drink plenty of water and stay well hydrated during your visit. To reduce the impacts from bottled water, Grand Canyon has banned bottled water from the Park. In support of this program, use a reusable water bottle and conveniently fill it at the numerous water filling stations located throughout the Park.

Reduce CO2 Emissions: Ride, Bike or Walk
To reduce the impacts from vehicles on air quality, go for a hike, carpool with friends or ride around the South Rim on Grand Canyon’s free shuttle bus system. Learn more at: http://www.nps.gov/grca/planyourvisit/shuttle-buses.htm

Join Us To Eat Sustainably
Delaware North at the Grand Canyon is committed to providing sustainable food that is organically grown, locally grown, or otherwise produced in a way that minimizes the environmental and sociological impacts of its production or shipment.

Hike Smart and Leave No Trace
Get outside, hike and enjoy the trails of Grand Canyon. Please remain on all trails and walkways and remember to Hike Smart. Properly plan ahead, understand your hiking limitations, remain on all marked trails, and prepare by bringing plenty of food and water and always Leave No Trace.

Remember, Nature Rules
Never approach wild animals. It is dangerous (and illegal) to feed wild animals in any national park.

Park Smart
Never leave pets, children or valuables in an unattended vehicle.


Delaware North's Goals at the Grand Canyon

Delaware North's goals to reduce our environmental footprint at the Grand Canyon include:


  • Purchase and use environmentally friendly products whenever available and feasible.
  • Ensure 70% of retail products sold are Made in USA.
  • Dedicate 50% of the Desert View Trading Post retail space to culturally-tied-tribe specific handicrafts, jewelry and artwork.
  • Ensure that at least 30% of foods purchased are local, sustainable, and/or organic.
  • Purchase 90% of food ingredients within 190 miles of area.
  • Purchase hormone and antibiotic free meat products.
  • Provide 100% of coffee, tea, chocolate and hot chocolate from fair-trade or rainforest certified sources.
  • Offer at least 40% of its beverage menu items without added sugar.


  • Achieve 57% waste diversion from the landfill by 2020, 65% diversion by 2022, and Zero Waste at the Grand Canyon by 2025.
  • Minimize the generation of Hazardous Waste and Universal Waste.


  • Reduce water use 40% by 2025.


  • Reduce energy use 40% by 2025.

Delaware North operations at The Grand Canyon have extended their goal to reach 65% diversion to the year 2022 to allow the food, hospitality, and waste industry to recover from COVID-19 impacts. In the Grand Canyon, we work directly with the National Park Service, as they are the agency which supplies waste hauling and single stream diversion services for all the concessioners within the Park. Despite the pandemic, Delaware North's continued commitment to waste reduction has assisted Grand Canyon National Park in achieving a diversion rate of 57% across the entire park in 2020 as part of Grand Canyon's single stream trash/recycling program. In an effort to further boost Delaware North's diversion percentage and keep on track to achieve our goal of Zero Waste by 2025, we have continued programs within our operations including:

  • Reusable cups, dishware, and silverware at Yavapai Tavern and Restaurant when possible
  • Donating food product nearing the expiration date from the Canyon Village Market to our local food pantry to benefit the community
  • Reducing straw usage through the The Last Straw campaign, which educates guests on the impacts of straws and makes them available by request only. We have also implemented straw-free lids at our coffee operations and are only handing out PHASE compostable straws when requested.
  • Responsibly sourcing single use packaging to be recyclable and compostable whenever possible
  • Recycling electronic waste with an environmentally ethical zero waste certified company twice a year
  • Donating usable construction items, furniture, and soft goods to local charities and communities that can benefit
  • Issuing all new employees reusable cups for use in the workplace
  • For cleaning, using chemicals that are in refillable bottles and using rags that are washed and reused
  • Recycling cigarette butts collected from our facility to be made into recycled plastic lumber that is used to make items like the picnic tables seen in front of the Canyon Village Market and Desert View Market
  • Offering paper bags and reusable bags only in our stores


Bike-Friendly Workplace

In 2020, Delaware North at Grand Canyon was designated a Bike-Friendly Workplace by the League of American Bicyclists. Our bronze level designation was based on the following:

  • Free long term rental employee bike program with a fleet of 41 bikes
  • Bike racks available for guests and employees at all lodging, retail and dining locations
  • Lodging proximity to the Grand Canyon National Park GreenWay trail and Grand Canyon Free Shuttle Bus that also accommodates bikes
  • Annual Grand Canyon Sustainability Fair Fix-it clinic sponsored by Delaware North where bikes are the most common item brought in for repair by community members
  • Delaware North employee incentives for riding a bike to work through the GreenPath™ program
  • Sale of bicycle accessories at Grand Canyon Outfitters with discounts for employees