Itinerary Details

Two-Day Grand Canyon Trip Itinerary Planner

Planning a two-day trip to the Grand Canyon? Use our itinerary planner to ensure you have the best experience possible.
There’s a lot to see on the South Rim alone. With two days, you have time enjoy exhibits at the visitor centers and museums, learn about Grand Canyon’s formation on the Trail of Time, take a long hike and more.
Bike and Hike

Bike and Hike

Stay active while you see the Grand Canyon by taking a bike tour on your first day and a daylong hike on your second. Be sure to read up on hiking tips and ways to "hike smart" before you begin your hike. You are also welcome to bring your own bikes to use on the Greenway Trail and other designated bike paths.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Neal

A Ranger Tour and a Mule Ride

Take advantage of the free tours and talks given by park rangers. You’ll still have time to walk the Trail of Time on your first day. On your second day, take a mule ride into the canyon itself.

Art, History and a Hike

Art, History and a Hike

Spend your morning at the South Rim’s museums, including the Kolb Brothers’ photography studio. Then drive out to Desert View, where you can buy Native American arts and crafts, see the historic watchtower, Pueblo ruins and more. On your second day, take a daylong hike into the canyon for a different perspective on nature’s artistry. Be sure to read up on hiking tips and ways to "hike smart" before you begin your hike.

Two Kid-Friendly Days

If you have children, the Grand Canyon Visitor Center® is a great place to start your first day. Watch the 20-minute introductory video, see the breathtaking 3-D map and then enjoy the view. Be sure to stop by the Yavapai Geology Museum and to sign up for the Junior Ranger activities. Then, on your second day, explore all that Desert View has to offer, including a trading post with Native American arts and crafts, a historic watchtower and a museum that provides a window into the lives of the Pueblo Indians.